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Become Part Of The Family

The Lass O’Gowrie is a brand new exciting, licensed cafe bar and we are looking for amazing people to come and be part of our team.

We are proud to represent a new approach to the hospitality industry.

We are fair and honest employers and our family of staff is recognised for how important they are in what we do.

Flexible or Full-time options; proper pay; paid breaks; meals; equal tips (no management share); training opportunities and a fun atmosphere sharing knowledge and experience. We come from an award-winning background and want to help you have fun working in hospitality.

We are looking for staff in all areas of the business and if you are interested in applying then please submit your details below.


There are three things that we think apply to every person we are looking for:

Impeccable Standards of Food Hygiene & Customer Service

Reliable and Trustworthy

Enthusiastic and Polite

If these apply to you, we have provided some information on the roles we are looking for below. These descriptions are not exhaustive and we are keen to develop specific roles to suit those who apply. We are a diversity-positive business and encourage the use of pronouns. If you have any additional support needs we would love to hear from you. We do not discriminate where adjustments can reasonably be made.

COOK (Plate Spinners)

We are looking for someone with a keen eye for detail who can multitask at a fast pace. We will be serving Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Dinner and everything in between, making mostly in-house from scratch. Menu development opportunities and dish creation will need you to be obsessed with taste and flavour with a passion for local, seasonal, sustainable food. Getting the best out of produce, creating new and exciting combinations and finding unique options for our customers will provide scope for creating a very special role in our team. In-depth knowledge of allergens and dietary requirements is essential. This is not a role for a wanna-be Gordon Ramsay who shouts at a brigade. This is a considered role for someone who wants the taste of their food to be the star of the show.

BAKER (Magician)

We are looking for someone that can make the impossible a reality and pull rabbits out of hats to keep our cake counter bursting with life and imagination. We make everything in-house from scratch using high quality ingredients and seasonal accents. Keeping an eye on the latest trends whilst keeping in touch with traditional elements. Super organisational skills, neat and tidy work and attention to detail are all key skills for this role. Creativity and an artistic streak will help with cake decorating and ensuring our baking creations look visually stunning. In-depth knowledge of allergens and dietary requirements is essential. This is the perfect role for a “whisk taker” who wants to move beyond home baking and work with our existing Head Baker to create an unrivalled destination for everything temptingly sweet.

BARISTA/BAR (Flying Trapeze)

You are the first to meet and greet our customers as they come through the door, so you are on show and in high demand. We are looking for people who can keep the drinks flowing and get our customers caffeinated! Hot coffees, milkshakes, cold drinks and a full bar will need you to be good at multitasking and doing more than one thing at a time. We are fully licensed so age limits may apply to servicing orders but this should not prevent under-18s from applying. Ten points to Gryffindor for knowledge of cocktails, alcohol licensing and bar management. Latte art is an automatic demotion to Slitherin.


You will also be meeting and greeting our customers, so we are looking for people that love to interact with others. Taking care of our customers is our number one priority so we need a team that will take pride in going the extra mile to make guests happy. We are doggy friendly, so they need to be taken care of too. Between taking orders, transferring food from the kitchen to the tables, clearing plates, cashing out customers, restocking and generally making everything run like clockwork; there is plenty to juggle and keep you occupied.

ROUND THE BACK (Lion Tamers)

We’ve saved the best for last. We are looking for people who can become a critical part of the action here and keep things ticking over. This is not just about washing dishes, this is about making sure there are clean plates to serve food, clean glasses to serve drinks and the kitchen or bar don’t run out of things. From chopping veg to restocking, hygiene cleaning to ingredient inventories, this is a great role if you like detailed work that needs you to be organised. For the right person, we see this as a starter point to expand from. It's ideal for someone without a lot of working experience or someone looking for a new challenge. Alternatively, it's great for someone that wants a straight-forward gig for a few hours to fit in-between something else. If you want to progress, we would love to train you in additional areas over time in line with your confidence and capabilities. We don't want to overwhelm you from day one so we will work with you to work out what feels right.

Please submit your details using the form below:

Thanks for applying! We’ll be in touch soon.

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